-     For more than 180 years, Hellenic Post (ELTA) has played a leading role in Greek society and business.   Today we have 780 post offices, 750 other postal outlets and employ more than 7,900 people.

Some important milestones are:

  • 1828: founding of Hellenic Post. 
  • 1970: acquired the status of a Legal entity of private law, under the title "ELTA".
  • 1996: became a Societe Anonyme under the name "ELTA SA".
  • 1998: established as a commercial firm (SA) controlled by the state (100% public company) providing complete postal services in Greece. Hellenic Post launched an important and ambitious program of modernization and restructuring to improve service quality, increase productivity and optimize the use of the company’s workforce.
  • 1999: first year when the company reported profits, laying the foundation for substantial growth.
  • 2004, ELTA was honoured to serve as a "Major Sponsor" of the Olympic Games in Athens.
  • 2006: acquisition of 10% of the shares of «Hellenic Postbank» and the new commercial cooperation between the two companies, provided ELTA with the prospect of a major developmental asset, through the provision of a wide range of financial services through the postal network of ELTA.
  • 2008: Hellenic Post completed the most ambitious program of investments in its history for the automation of the production chain, the modernization of the infrastructures of Information Technology and the growth of its human resources.
  • 2012: start of a major investment program for the period 2012-2015 aiming at further modernisation of IT systems and further improvement of the quality of services offered to customers. Hellenic Post was awarded funding by the European Union of 52 million euro via the Operational Program “Digital Convergence”.
  • 2013: complete opening of the Greek postal market is scheduled for 1/1/2013.
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